Custom Designed Courses

LLST designs training modules and simulations to fit your organisation’s needs.

Our pre-developed simulations and training modules can be adapted to fit into a pre-existing training session scheduled by your team, or an entirely new course or simulation can be custom-built to meet specific learning outcomes or to give your staff a chance to practice their skills.

Public Courses

LLST offers regular open-access deliveries of our humanitarian training course, built around “The Day My Life Froze”, our simulation on urban-based protracted refugee crises from middle-income countries.

All our courses are designed to prepare prospective and current humanitarian workers to perform modern, critical humanitarian work. Some subjects we can present to your teams include:

  • exploring the political and social motivations of a range of stakeholders, including refugees, host populations, local governments, donors, and various INGO and UN bodies
  • introducing participants to critical theoretical approaches to refugee response
  • providing a comprehensive overview of the legal framework governing refugees and IDPs
  • reviewing SPHERE standards, the Humanitarian-Development Nexus, the Global Compact and the SDGs
  • developing hard skills in Project Cycle Management and Monitoring and Evaluation
  • critically engaging with humanitarian assumptions, practices, and norms, including big data, siloing, isolationism, and encampment.

You can find a list of our past course deliveries here.