Lessons Learned Simulations and Training offers both open-access training courses and custom-designed on-demand training modules, with a methodological emphasis on interactive tabletop simulations and activities. Trainings vary in style, content, and duration, and can be designed to fit specific needs.

LLST continues to expand the scope of its training projects and its voice in the fields of simulation-based training and serious games. Below you can find information on all our projects past and present, including reports, courses, training resources, and public appearances.

Alongside implementing partners Save the Children and CRISP Berlin, Lessons Learned Simulations and Training will be providing a new workshop initiative that supports the development of community-led humanitarian simulation designs in Jordan throughout the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.

This project is funded by the generous support of the Fund for Innovation and Transformation, Global Affairs Canada, and the Inter-Council Network.

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LLST founder Matthew Stevens is assisting Carolyn Lettner, an independent designer and expert in strategic sourcing and supply chain optimization, to create a new simulation: Route 726.

This team-building simulation centres around logistics, problem solving, and resource management in the humanitarian sector, and is designed especially for new recruits. Participants will work together to requisition supplies and load them on a small freight plane before it departs toward a community in need. However, each team has its own briefing on which supplies are most necessary, and space in the plane is severely limited. Team members will face difficult decision making as they learn how to compromise and reprioritize before the plane can depart.

We look forward to providing further updates on Route 726 as the project develops.

Lessons Learned Simulations and Training and Imaginetic have teamed up to compose a report entitled “Serious Games: Humanitarian User Research” funded by Save the Children UK

You can find the report here.
You can watch a webinar of the findings here.
For more information, read our blog post on the report here.

Created and facilitated by Lessons Learned founder and director Matthew Stevens, ‘The Day My Life Froze’: Urban Refugees in the Humanitarian System is a two-day professional development course structured around an intensive in-class educational simulation. Our flagship project, The Day My Life Froze re-centres the human subjects of humanitarianism in the minds of current and prospective humanitarian workers.

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Lessons Learned Simulations and Training has provided design support and humanitarian advice to Imaginetic on “Lifelines: the UNHCR Supply Game”, a training game on supply chain management for the UN Refugee Agency.

Lessons Learned Simulations and Training offers courses designed to prepare prospective and current humanitarian workers to perform modern, critical humanitarian work. We are able to provide custom courses to fit your organisation’s needs, as well as public courses for individuals seeking training and experience in the humanitarian field.

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Custom Courses
Our pre-developed simulations and training modules can be adapted to fit into a pre-existing training session scheduled by your team, or an entirely new course or simulation can be custom-built to meet specific learning outcomes or to give your staff a chance to practice their skills.

Public Courses
LLST offers regular open-access deliveries of our humanitarian training course, built around “The Day My Life Froze”, our simulation on urban-based protracted refugee crises from middle-income countries.

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering any public courses at this time. Check our News page, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date with all our future available courses.

Past Courses
You can find a list of our past course deliveries here.

LLST believes that people can learn all sorts of things from play, and that the power of serious games reaches far beyond our humanitarian field. Because of this, the LLST team often facilitates large format recreational games for groups of all kinds. Whether a game is an immersive simulation of historical events, or a lighthearted imagining of an alien invasion, LLST knows that games provide a safe and enjoyable environment to learn, teach, develop social skills, build community, practice team work and critical thinking, and more.

Our past recreational games partners include:

If you would like LLST to facilitate a large format game at your teambuilding event, business retreat, school event, conference, or another event please contact us at