Serious Games in Humanitarian Learning – Report Release

Lessons Learned is excited to announce the release of “Serious Games: Humanitarian User Research“, a report composed by Lessons Learned Simulations and Training and Imaginetic and funded by Save the Children UK.

We are proud to bring you this unique, new research on serious games in the humanitarian sector! Matthew Stevens of Lessons Learned led face-to-face workshops in Nairobi and Amman in Janaury 2020 to better understand how tabletop and digital learning games can contribute to humanitarian training.

This first-of-its-kind report provides a background on the use of learning games in professional settings, describes findings from the research, and provides a brief list of best practices which were identified from the findings.

A webinar summarizing the findings was conducted for Save the Children global network and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. You can find the webinar on Kaya as part of their Learning Design Playlist, watch it directly on YouTube, or view it embedded below: