Games-Based Learning Innovation Research with Save the Children UK

I am very excited to share that LLST and Imaginetic (another fantastic Canadian games-based learning group) have reached an agreement with Save the Children UK to carry out research on games-based learning in the humanitarian sphere. StC UK is a long-time champion of the use of games in humanitarian capacity-building.

In particular, this research will focus on the applicability of both digital and tabletop learning games in the localization context. I will be facilitating a series of “experimental workshops” with local INGO and community organizations in Jordan and Kenya. In collaboration with Imaginetic, we will also be implementing a longitudinal series of surveys to capture changes in behaviour over time and retention of learning.

The final report should be released in mid-to-late April.

Looking forward to breaking out The Day My Life Froze and Aftershock in some exciting new contexts! A big thank-you to the StC UK team for agreeing to work on this project together.