Digital Humanitarian Learning Games for Independent Experiences

Here are some of our favourite publicly available digital simulation games from other organizations. Any of these examples will give a good sense of what serious games can do for you or your organization.

Note these are all simulation games which you can experience by yourself, without needing to coordinate with other participants.

Advanced Digital Learning Games:

Mission Zhobia:

Path Out:

Fake It to Make It:

Resilience the Game:

Stop Disasters!:

At-Risk: A Professional Development Simulation to Promote Student Emotional Wellness:

Flatten Island: Flatten the Curve!

Bury Me My Love:

Forced to Fight:

Liyla and the Shadow of War:

My Life as a Refuge:

Syrian Journey:

A note on the Promoting Community-Based Simulation Development Workshop:

Note that some of these digital games are more complex than the ones you will learn to make in the Promoting Community-Based Simulation Development Workshop. However, we will explore ways to teach similar lessons with more simple technology. Also, instead of experiences that people have alone, we will focus on simulation game designs for several participants at one time.

For example, in the workshop we will introduce the Gamoteca system, which was used to create many of the learning games on Kaya: