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Maria Konnikova on Freakonomics Radio

Learning about ourselves and others via a serious and analytical approach to games? Sounds like our kind of book!

What can you learn from a game of cards? LLST is eager to find out in Maria Konnikova’s newest book.

After hearing an excellent interview with Maria Konnikova on Freakonomics Radio, the LLST team is excited to dive into a new book by the New York Times bestselling author entitled The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win. Published this past June, the book follows Konnikova, a PhD-holding psychologist, as she attempts to master Texas Hold’em Poker, all in an effort to glean insights into human behaviour from the popular high-stakes game. The interview includes excerpts from the book, narrated by Konnikova herself, and is a tantalizing preview of the work. Interviewer Steven Dubner also challenges Konnikova to defend the very premise of learning life lessons by playing games, which Konnikova answers well, at least to our ears. We can’t wait to give this book a read.