Upcoming Project: Route 726

Over the past few months, LLST has been assisting Carolyn Aubry, an independent designer and expert in strategic sourcing and supply chain optimization, to create a new simulation: Route 726.

This team-building simulation centres around logistics, problem solving, and resource management in the humanitarian sector, and is designed especially for new recruits. Participants will work together to requisition supplies and load them on a small freight plane before it departs toward a community in need. However, each team has its own briefing on which supplies are most necessary, and space in the plane is severely limited. Team members will face difficult decision making as they learn how to compromise and reprioritize before the plane can depart.

This week LLST’s director Matthew Stevens, along with Carolyn Aubry and project assistant Benjamin Stevens, had the opportunity to give Route 726 its first ever play test at the NASAGA 2020 Conference. The team learned a lot during the process— about Route 726 itself, but also about the strengths and weaknesses of the digital format. We’d like to give a big thank you to NASAGA and all the excellent participants who joined us.

In the future, we plan to offer the materials for Route 726 completely free of charge! For now, there is still lots of planning and designing ahead for Matthew, Benjamin, and Carolyn. We look forward to providing further updates on Route 726 as the project develops.