Embracing Digital Games

Lessons Learned director Matthew Stevens and project assistant Ben Stevens recently co-wrote a post about embracing digital learning games for the PAXsims blog. LLST’s focus has been primarily on in-person tabletop simulations, but we recognize the vast potential that digital games have in the field of simulation-based training. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the need for quality digital training methods. Check out the post to learn more about how we as designers can embrace the strengths of the digital medium… instead of just forcing our regular approaches into Zoom meetings.

Also, if you’re interested in trying out a serious game that successfully utilizes asynchronicity and digital communication— as Matthew prescribes in the post— LLST recommends Bury Me, My Love,a self-described “Text Messaging Adventure Game” by The Pixel Hunt, Figs, arte, Dear Villagers, and distributed by Plug in Digital. The game follows Nour, a Syrian refugee undertaking a perilous journey to find safety in Europe, and takes place entirely inside a text messaging app on your mobile device. The experience is insightful, moving, and surprisingly immersive, especially if you keep the “real time” mode enabled, which keeps participants checking their phones over-and-over again eagerly awaiting Nour’s updates.